Lombok is one of the islands in Indonesia wich is pioneered Halal Tourism. The people of Lombok mostly are Moslem, even though there are some with other beliefs.

Lombok located near to Bali, so it is no wonder if the two islands have so many similarities. The beaches, the mountains, the jungle, and the little islands around them.

The different between two islands is the belief of the people. So it affects the way of life and their culture.

In Lombok you can find halal food easier than in Bali. In Lombok you can find mosques easily in almost every corner of the island, coz Lombok was known also as The Thousand-Mosques Island.

The best thing you cand find in Lombok is, there are still some virgin, untouched little islands. Surrounded by calm and quiet sea, the little islands, give you an exotic sequestered feeling while spending days and night there.

Lombok also has some heavenly resorts located on the mountain, surrounded by the jungle of trees, with spectacular beautiful sea view. And the best news is the resort serve Halal Food and also Moslem friendly. Great!


Plus, ssttt.. it would be the best place to held your wedding party or to spend your honeymoon time. Aww!

So how if you try to stay here? Enjoying the luxurious ambiance, spending time at seeing the beautiful breathtaking view? or swimming in the crystal-clear water at the exotic -with natural view-pool?


Pictures Credit Go to a Heavenly-Moslem-Friendly Resort in Lombok

And you still can meet the native Lombok people to feel their tradition, to see the unique of their handmade tenun, and of course a time to go snorkeling or diving at the sea loke Gli Trawangan or Gile Sudak or Gili Menon.

Picture Credit Goes to Dhanny Surya Photo Art Works

Both the sea and island pictures credit go to homeiswhereyourbagis blog.

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